Our greatest need is to find those individuals blessed with the visiontime and resources to become one of our home visitors.  Delivering our curriculum does not require a degree in education or social work, just a committed desire to care for our neighbors in a very tangible way.  These local missionaries are asked to commit to developing a relationship with a family in need for two years:

46 visits/family/year

  • 23 weeks (during the school year) of biweekly visits

  • Visits approximately 1/2 hour in length

  • Travel expenses donated by missionary, tax deductible

  • Each visit requires a written report

Attend required training

  • 16 hour initial basic training

  • 2 hour weekly staff meetings while program is in session

  • Background check required

Other volunteer opportunities

  • Sponsor a child and family

  • Provide the books and toys that are gifted to families

  • Organize fundraising opportunities for the program

  • Build toy boxes/bookshelves to be gifted to families

  • Administrative assistance

I anticipate my visits to the families I serve with great joy. They are truly highlights in my week. There is no doubt this program makes a difference. And the rewards are evident in the lives of the parents, the children and in my own!
— Live Inspired home visitor